I have the real pleasure to welcome you to a hospitable city of Mińsk Mazowiecki – a beautiful city with attractive location.

Mińsk Mazowiecki is a city with a past and the one abounding in modern elements. It is an administrative, economic and cultural centre for 13 communes. During the last few years the city ceased to be a provincial town and it was transformed into an attractive place of life, professional and cultural development of its inhabitants as well as a significant and interesting centre for tourists, investors and entrepreneurs with no detriment, however, to its small town beauty.

This is undoubtedly owed to numerous qualities of Mińsk Mazowiecki. Some of them worth mentioning are: attractive location close to main, national and international roads, the proximity of the capital city, variety of historic monuments and places which are interesting with respect to tourism and leisure, highly developed technical infrastructure and catering and accommodation facilities of a good quality. It is worth adding that the city, apart from having a lot of interesting spots with respect to investments, abounds in numerous enchanting spots, rivers, parks, monuments of nature, greenery, where one can have an excellent rest and seek refuge from all the hustle and bustle of the city life.

This web page contains information concerning the rich history and tourist attractions of the city upon the Srebrna River. It also shows a contemporary picture of a dynamically developing Mazovia city with its administrative, institutional, infrastructural and economic facilities.

Have an excellent nice stay in Mińsk Mazowiecki. I hope the city’s offer will come to your expectations. You are welcome to participate in economic and cultural cooperation, the exploration of our city and to retain a fond memory of the city as being open to guests, friendly, interesting and attractive as well as the one worth living in and returning to.

The Mayor of the City of Mińsk Mazowiecki
Zbigniew Grzesiak